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We are dedicated to the health and well being of your trees. We know that you have virtually unlimited options on who to hire for work around your home, that’s why we work hard to stay ahead of the field. In order to become Certified Arborists, we’ve had to demonstrate our knowledge of tree biology, soil science, tree pests and diseases, tree identification, planting, tree support systems (cabling and bracing), lightning protection systems and many other subjects that are important to the health of your trees. We are required to maintain continuing education credits but we take it quite a bit further. We train and learn at every opportunity through the International Society of Arboriculture, the Texas Chapter of the ISA, and the Tree Care Industry Association. This brings us face to face with professors from universities across the country who bring us the latest emerging knowledge on pests and diseases and how to recognize and treat them. For everyone’s safety, we constantly train through OSHA and ANSI certified events on the latest and safest work techniques for climbing, rigging, use of aerial lifts, chemical application and rescue operations. Our knowledge of tree care has taken us from coast to coast as consultants to insurance companies, utilities and government entities to evaluate the survivability of trees after fires, floods and hurricanes. This might sound like we’d be expensive to hire but it’s actually the opposite… when you’ve seen and done everything a few thousand times, the impossible becomes possible and the difficult becomes simple. Trees and other woody stemmed plants are our only focus and yes, we are insured.